Today’s models challenge the traditional norms that have long defined our industry’s concept of beauty. An inclusive spectrum of models diversified in race, age, form, gender, and sexuality. In an industry that defines beauty, they are shaping a new point of view of what is beautiful.


Photography by Greg Swales | Styling by Marc Anthony George | Casting by Gabriel Rey | Creative Direction by Louis Liu | Poem and Edit by Dustin Mansyur


Light Source
When the darkness has drawn near and
the Shadow of our fear’s grown real,
do not be afraid, for it is the Shadow
which offers the direction of the Source of Light.
Turn around and bask in the beauty in All.
Humanity is not separate,
but cells comprising the Body of Source Energy,
celebrating Itself through our Human experiences.
Collectively, we expand with Light,
unifying under these truths:
That Love is the only path to triumph Fear.
Where there is Light, the Dark is driven out.
Still your heart, so you may hear it say,
“Celebrate Humanity.”

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-11From Left To Right: Hua @ Wilhelmina Models Instagram @huaever | Meghan Collison @ New York Models, Instagram @omgitsmeg | Alima @ Supreme Instagram @alimalaf | All Clothing by Roberto Cavalli

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-16From Left to Right: Antonino Russo @ Request Models Instagram @antonino_russo | Sweater, Jacket, Pants, and Sneakers by Versace | Saloman Diaz @ Soul Artists Management Instagram @salomon.diaz | Jacket and Pants by Versace Boots by Dior Homme | Vito Basso @ Soul Artists Management Instagram @vitobss | Sweater and pants by Versace, Vintage Boots, Stylist’s studio


Shaughnessy @ New York Models Instagram @ shaughnessybrown | Jacket, skirt and boots by JW Anderson, Bra by Prada

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-23Jillian Mercado @ IMG Models Instagram @jilly_peppa | Bra and Choker by Zana Bayne, Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Socks and boots, model’s own

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-24Deion Smith @ IMG Models Instagram @deiondsmith | Jacket and pants by Prada Suspenders, stylist’s studio, Shoes by Roberto Cavalli

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-22From Left to Right: Armand Puszta @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @armandpuszta | Jacket and shoes by Roberto Cavalli, Shirt and Pants by Valentino | Avie Acosta Instagram @avie.acosta | Trench Coat by Valentino, Bra by Zana Bayne, Shoes by Roberto Cavalli | Jordan Paris @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @jordanwparis | Tuxedo and Shoes by Valentino, Shirt by Levi’s

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-21Daisuke Ueda @ IMG Models Instagram @uedaisuke | Harness by Zana Bayne Shirt, pants, and shoes by Burberry

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-20From Left to Right: Dustin Bice @ ANTI MGT Instagram @biceofficial | Kiara @ Elite Models Instagram @kikibarnez | Shirts and Pants by Hood by Air, Boots, stylist’s studio

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-19Aqua Bell Parios @ Heroes Model Management Instagram @aqua | Vintage Levi’s Dress from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Sleeve by Gypsy Sport, Shoes by Versace

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-14Diego Villarreal @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @ddiegovillarreal | All Clothing by Dior Homme

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-13From Left To Right: Molly Constable @Jag Models Instagram @mollyconstable | Harness by Zana Bayne, Vintage blouse from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Pants and boots, model’s own | Cindy Waiter Instagram @hellcat444 | Jacket by Levis Harness by Zana Bayne Dress, jewelry and boots, models own

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-12From Left To Right: Yves Matthieu @ Heroes Model Management Instagram @the_yvesdropper | Harness and pants by Preston Douglas, Shoes by Converse | Diana Veras @ Jag Models Instagram @mynamesdiana | Choker by Preston Douglas Shirt, shorts and shoes by Jil Sander

Hair by Anthony Joseph Hernandez using Bumble and Bumble | Makeup by Agata Helena using Stila and Makeup Forever | Photographer’s 1st assistant Pierre Bonnet, 2nd assistant Casey Frankli | Digital Tech Jean Claude | DP/Digital Manager Casey Showalter | Senior Digital Tech Nick Korompilas | Social Media Coordinator Brian Lynch.

BTS Videographer & editor Lavo Clemente, assistant Bharat Padhiyar | Interview by Keila Ramirez | Produced by XTheStudio | Stylist Assistants: Benjamin Price and Sam Knoll | Hair assistant Ben Martin | Makeup assistant Mable Pang | Special Thanks To Pier59 Studios.