“Gucci and Beyond”, the tagline of Gucci’s new Winter collection, is an apt description of a collection that serves as a love letter to the science fiction shows of the 50’s and 60’s. The most recent collection announcement video pays homage to Star Trek, Star Wars, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and other iconic science fiction hits. The video itself is a love letter to the show, from the classic funk/orchestral score, to the Star Trek set-pieces and stop-motion dinosaur, all of which led to the original shows being loved by so many.

While the video borrows from other series, Star Trek serves as the focal point. The spandex jumpsuits, metallic accessories, and the iconic double-knit sweaters that made the costumes of the show unique and trendsetting, are updated and modified into Gucci’s vision.  


However, the video is not the only 60’s sci-fi inspired-content that Gucci is producing. Alessandro Michele is venturing into the extraterrestrial with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and eye-catching pieces. The teaser interviews posted to Gucci’s instagram features modelesque “aliens” with metallic skin, pointed ears, and makeup reminiscent of the otherworldly species of Star Trek. These characters are also featured in the official announcement video, donning the incredible pieces of the newest collection. Among the classic motifs of Gucci are colorful dresses, patterned sweaters, and floral overcoats that are clearly inspired by the color schemes of Star Trek. The red suit featured in the video is a modern update on the classic red sweater that is worn by Captain Picard, and the heavy use of reflective beads and crystals on many of the dresses featured in the video are reminiscent of the sparkling effects used in Star Trek when the characters are transported to the back to the USS Enterprise.


The concept of space travel and sci-fi is particularly relevant today, as we are living in a, somewhat more boring and perverted, version of the future that these shows have predicted. What was originally invented by the directors of the time as postulations of the futuristic societies, as well as ways to escape the realities of post-war America, Nixon, Vietnam, etc., is now our reality. Other designers, such as Raf Simons and Saint Laurent, are attempting to not only channel and draw inspiration from the futures of the science fiction genre, but use their collections to push the boundaries of what we think is an ideal future. While other companies, like Saint Laurent, choose to channel more dystopian futures with dark colors, hard lines, and slim tailoring, Gucci has created its own future with this collection. The feelings invoked by the announcement video stand in contrast to the stark and potentially scary realities of Saint Laurent and Raf Simons, opting for a fun and whimsical view of the future. We’d love to see a future collaboration between Gucci and Mars One, ensuring Earth’s dominance over extraterrestrial fashion as we venture into the cosmos.


Article by Sol Thompson and Benjamin Price 

All Images Courtesy of Gucci’s Instagram @Gucci