When we first began this publication,
people were curious about why we 
picked the name Iris Covet Book.

The iris of the eye,
which controls light reception and vision, connotes our creative point of view which is bold, graphic, and visually impactful.

The iris flower,
symbol of monarchs and royalty, infers the desire for beauty and luxury which is reflected in our imagery.

Yet it is the Greek goddess Iris,
messenger of the gods, who we at Iris Covet Book most identify with. We strive to be a medium that shares personal narratives and ideas.


Cov·et ( ‘ kəvət/)-verb: to yearn to possess or to have.
We view “covet” as a synonym for aspiration.

At Iris Covet Book, we aspire to bring our readers a diverse glimpse into the worlds and personalities of fashion, beauty, culture, philanthropy, and art. Artists and designers who are emerging in their craft, to legends who have become masters in their industries; we would like to amplify the stories of a full gamut of talented innovators.


Iris Covet Book is…
a compilation of these stories, images, and people who we believe are aspirational, and we want to share it with the world. We believe sharing an individual’s story brings an important opportunity for us to listen and learn from one another.