Photography by Tiffany Nicholson | Styling by Jennifer Park | Hair by Rubi Jones | Makeup by Kim Weber
Roza Figueira @ Elite

Fur Vest by GeorgineSweater by Champion, Skirt by Off White, Leather Choker by Materia Prima NY

Top and Pants by Henrik Vibskov 

Shirt by Vfiles, Dress by Amur, Necklace by COS 

Dress by Amur, Hat by Kangol, Sunglasses by Pawaka, Bag by Marc Jacobs, Shoes by Tibi  

Sunglasses by Henrik Vibskov x Gentle Monster, Dress by Allina Liu

Blouse by Amur, Coat by Allina Liu, Pants by Marc Jacobs, Leather Choker by Materia Prima NY, High Top by Vans

Hoodie by Sandro, Pants by Amur , Fur by Georgine

Dress by Carven, Jacket and Earrings by Victoria Hayes



The roots of IRIS Covet Book are planted in Houston, and it breaks our hearts to see the impact that this storm has had on the citizens of Texas. With more rainfall and subsequent damage, health risks, and loss of life and property to come, it will be an upward battle for the resilient Lone Star state. Luckily, many celebrities, philanthropists, activists, politicians, etc. have reached out and donated to relief funds all over the country. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has promised to match donations for relief through the Center of Disaster Philanthropy for up to a million dollars, Kim Kardashian and her family have pledged $500,000, and many other notable figures have gone even beyond that in order to help those in need.


Jennifer Lopez and partner, Alex Rodriguez, donate $25,000 (x2) as part of the celebrity social media challenge to raise money for relief

In a statement to the Houston Chronicle, Beyoncé said, “My heart goes out to my hometown, Houston, and I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help. I am working closely with my team at BeyGOOD as well as my pastor [Rudy Rasmus at St. John’s in downtown Houston] to implement a plan to help as many as we can.”

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

In these uncertain times of what seems like constant breaking news and socio-political strife, it is heart-warming to know that even when things seem to be the darkest, we can count on each other to shed light and give aid. In the meantime, during these recovery efforts, we can continue to donate, volunteer, and pray for a speedy recovery to those affected. 


– Irma Brindis, Publisher

To donate to the organizations, see the links below.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund – Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that will accept tax deductible flood relief donations for victims that have been affected by the recent floods.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief – Meets the urgent needs of communities in crisis, from serving food to volunteers in rebuilding communities.

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County – Provides shelter and resources for the homeless of Houston and surrounding areas.

Texas Diaper Bank – Provides diapers to those in need. In everyday life, and especially in times of crisis, diapers are an essential that is incredibly hard to afford.

SPCA Of Texas – Works to rescue and relocate animals caught in Hurricane Harvey.

Portlight – a disaster response organization specifically serving individuals with disabilities.

The Galveston Food Bank

Food Bank Of Corpus Christi

Houston Food Bank

Driscoll Children’s Hospital – This hospital will be taking in evacuated NICU babies.

American Red Cross



“Gucci and Beyond”, the tagline of Gucci’s new Winter collection, is an apt description of a collection that serves as a love letter to the science fiction shows of the 50’s and 60’s. The most recent collection announcement video pays homage to Star Trek, Star Wars, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and other iconic science fiction hits. The video itself is a love letter to the show, from the classic funk/orchestral score, to the Star Trek set-pieces and stop-motion dinosaur, all of which led to the original shows being loved by so many.

While the video borrows from other series, Star Trek serves as the focal point. The spandex jumpsuits, metallic accessories, and the iconic double-knit sweaters that made the costumes of the show unique and trendsetting, are updated and modified into Gucci’s vision.  


However, the video is not the only 60’s sci-fi inspired-content that Gucci is producing. Alessandro Michele is venturing into the extraterrestrial with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and eye-catching pieces. The teaser interviews posted to Gucci’s instagram features modelesque “aliens” with metallic skin, pointed ears, and makeup reminiscent of the otherworldly species of Star Trek. These characters are also featured in the official announcement video, donning the incredible pieces of the newest collection. Among the classic motifs of Gucci are colorful dresses, patterned sweaters, and floral overcoats that are clearly inspired by the color schemes of Star Trek. The red suit featured in the video is a modern update on the classic red sweater that is worn by Captain Picard, and the heavy use of reflective beads and crystals on many of the dresses featured in the video are reminiscent of the sparkling effects used in Star Trek when the characters are transported to the back to the USS Enterprise.


The concept of space travel and sci-fi is particularly relevant today, as we are living in a, somewhat more boring and perverted, version of the future that these shows have predicted. What was originally invented by the directors of the time as postulations of the futuristic societies, as well as ways to escape the realities of post-war America, Nixon, Vietnam, etc., is now our reality. Other designers, such as Raf Simons and Saint Laurent, are attempting to not only channel and draw inspiration from the futures of the science fiction genre, but use their collections to push the boundaries of what we think is an ideal future. While other companies, like Saint Laurent, choose to channel more dystopian futures with dark colors, hard lines, and slim tailoring, Gucci has created its own future with this collection. The feelings invoked by the announcement video stand in contrast to the stark and potentially scary realities of Saint Laurent and Raf Simons, opting for a fun and whimsical view of the future. We’d love to see a future collaboration between Gucci and Mars One, ensuring Earth’s dominance over extraterrestrial fashion as we venture into the cosmos.


Article by Sol Thompson and Benjamin Price 

All Images Courtesy of Gucci’s Instagram @Gucci 



Real-life couple and famed social media influencers Pyper America Smith and Brandon Thomas Lee stand out in any crowd–single or attached. Fame runs in the family for both; Pyper’s band, The Atomics, comprised of her sisters and top-model brother, Lucky Blue, most recently appeared in the H&M Loves Coachella campaign. Dolce & Gabbana poster boy Brandon is the son of bombshell Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue founding member Tommy Lee. Sharing their spark in front of the camera, the couple time travel to the futuristic bedroom from Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey, at The 14th Factory in L.A.

On Pyper: Dress by Helo Rocha
On Brandon: Blazer by SAND Copenhagen, Shirt and tie by Thomas Wylde

All Clothing by Dolce & Gabbana All Clothing by Raisa & VanessaLeft: Shirt by Louis Vuitton, Pants by Ron Tomson, Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Right: On Pyper: All Clothing by The Blonds; On Brandon: Shirt by Thomas Wylde, Pants by Shoreditch, Ring by Chrome Hearts, Watch by RolexBlazer by BRNC, Pants by Ron Tomson, Jacket by Ports 1961, Shoes by Cesare PaciottiLeft Page: Dress by Missoni, Choker by Zana Bayne, Rings by Le Vian
Right Page: On Pyper: Dress by Helo Rocha; On Brandon: Blazer by SAND Copenhagen, Shirt and tie by Thomas Wylde



Supreme has emerged as a player in the world of high fashion. The evolution from a skateboarding supply store in 1994 to an internationally recognized streetwear powerhouse, Supreme has constantly impressed and acted as a pioneer in the fashion industry. The cult-like following often elects to pay double or triple the retail price of the clothes in order to attain the highly coveted pieces via resale sites, such as eBay or Grailed. With its most recent collaboration, Supreme has elected to once again push its limits and enter the world of high fashion. The new collaboration with Parisian fashion titan Louis Vuitton features bags, jackets, scarves, tees, and accessories.


A post shared by PRETTY FLACKO (@asaprocky) on

A$AP Rocky models the unreleased Supreme X Louis Vuitton monogram logo pants.

Louis Vuitton and Supreme have shared history dating back to 2000, when Louis Vuitton sued the NY streetwear brand for mimicking its iconic monogram design on their skateboard decks. Despite their tumultuous introduction, the collaboration has managed to meld two seemingly polarized audiences into a cult following. Similarly, brands such as Vetements have sold collaborations with Champion, as well as many other seemingly incongruous brands, by taking the norm and making it into a luxury artifact. In this recent collaboration, pieces such as the Red Louis Vuitton trunks outfitted with the famous Supreme box logo, the monogrammed denim jackets, and the infamous Supreme/Louis Vuitton box logo tee have come under fire for their high prices, but said high prices don’t seem to deter the fans. In fact, the luxury price point and limited quantity inspire even more frenzied competition.  

@louisvuitton ON GO

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Travis Scott wearing the coveted Supreme X Louis Vuitton box logo tee and sunglasses.

The pop-up shops, located in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, London, Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles, generated colossal lines within hours of their announcement. These pop-up shops are the first opportunity that the public has to purchase items from this collection, and fans are determined to be a part of the historic collaboration. However, Louis Vuitton has stated that the release will be extremely limited, indicating that the fervor is not for naught. The mania has caused streets to shut down, and police intervention has been necessary in order to keep streets and sidewalks clear. Supreme has proven that it is able to thrive in the ever-changing world of fashion, and cement itself as a heavyweight contender in the luxury and streetwear worlds today.

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme

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Supreme shows off their spin on their classic bomber jacket



833 E 3rd St


4 Rue du Pont Neuf.


北京 798


180 The Strand


95 Roscoe Street

Bondi Beach, NSW 2026


C-1, 5-3-18

Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku

June 30 – July 13, 2017

Monday to Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. local time

Thursday 10 a.m.-7 p.m.


Article by Sol Thompson | Featured Photo Courtesy of © Supreme NYC via supremenyc.com


Today’s models challenge the traditional norms that have long defined our industry’s concept of beauty. An inclusive spectrum of models diversified in race, age, form, gender, and sexuality. In an industry that defines beauty, they are shaping a new point of view of what is beautiful.


Photography by Greg Swales | Styling by Marc Anthony George | Casting by Gabriel Rey | Creative Direction by Louis Liu | Poem and Edit by Dustin Mansyur


Light Source
When the darkness has drawn near and
the Shadow of our fear’s grown real,
do not be afraid, for it is the Shadow
which offers the direction of the Source of Light.
Turn around and bask in the beauty in All.
Humanity is not separate,
but cells comprising the Body of Source Energy,
celebrating Itself through our Human experiences.
Collectively, we expand with Light,
unifying under these truths:
That Love is the only path to triumph Fear.
Where there is Light, the Dark is driven out.
Still your heart, so you may hear it say,
“Celebrate Humanity.”

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-11From Left To Right: Hua @ Wilhelmina Models Instagram @huaever | Meghan Collison @ New York Models, Instagram @omgitsmeg | Alima @ Supreme Instagram @alimalaf | All Clothing by Roberto Cavalli

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-16From Left to Right: Antonino Russo @ Request Models Instagram @antonino_russo | Sweater, Jacket, Pants, and Sneakers by Versace | Saloman Diaz @ Soul Artists Management Instagram @salomon.diaz | Jacket and Pants by Versace Boots by Dior Homme | Vito Basso @ Soul Artists Management Instagram @vitobss | Sweater and pants by Versace, Vintage Boots, Stylist’s studio


Shaughnessy @ New York Models Instagram @ shaughnessybrown | Jacket, skirt and boots by JW Anderson, Bra by Prada

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-23Jillian Mercado @ IMG Models Instagram @jilly_peppa | Bra and Choker by Zana Bayne, Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Socks and boots, model’s own

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-24Deion Smith @ IMG Models Instagram @deiondsmith | Jacket and pants by Prada Suspenders, stylist’s studio, Shoes by Roberto Cavalli

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-22From Left to Right: Armand Puszta @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @armandpuszta | Jacket and shoes by Roberto Cavalli, Shirt and Pants by Valentino | Avie Acosta Instagram @avie.acosta | Trench Coat by Valentino, Bra by Zana Bayne, Shoes by Roberto Cavalli | Jordan Paris @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @jordanwparis | Tuxedo and Shoes by Valentino, Shirt by Levi’s

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-21Daisuke Ueda @ IMG Models Instagram @uedaisuke | Harness by Zana Bayne Shirt, pants, and shoes by Burberry

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-20From Left to Right: Dustin Bice @ ANTI MGT Instagram @biceofficial | Kiara @ Elite Models Instagram @kikibarnez | Shirts and Pants by Hood by Air, Boots, stylist’s studio

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-19Aqua Bell Parios @ Heroes Model Management Instagram @aqua | Vintage Levi’s Dress from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Sleeve by Gypsy Sport, Shoes by Versace

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-14Diego Villarreal @ Soul Artist Management Instagram @ddiegovillarreal | All Clothing by Dior Homme

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-13From Left To Right: Molly Constable @Jag Models Instagram @mollyconstable | Harness by Zana Bayne, Vintage blouse from Screaming Mimi’s Vintage, Pants and boots, model’s own | Cindy Waiter Instagram @hellcat444 | Jacket by Levis Harness by Zana Bayne Dress, jewelry and boots, models own

IRIS07_BeautyInAll-12From Left To Right: Yves Matthieu @ Heroes Model Management Instagram @the_yvesdropper | Harness and pants by Preston Douglas, Shoes by Converse | Diana Veras @ Jag Models Instagram @mynamesdiana | Choker by Preston Douglas Shirt, shorts and shoes by Jil Sander

Hair by Anthony Joseph Hernandez using Bumble and Bumble | Makeup by Agata Helena using Stila and Makeup Forever | Photographer’s 1st assistant Pierre Bonnet, 2nd assistant Casey Frankli | Digital Tech Jean Claude | DP/Digital Manager Casey Showalter | Senior Digital Tech Nick Korompilas | Social Media Coordinator Brian Lynch.

BTS Videographer & editor Lavo Clemente, assistant Bharat Padhiyar | Interview by Keila Ramirez | Produced by XTheStudio | Stylist Assistants: Benjamin Price and Sam Knoll | Hair assistant Ben Martin | Makeup assistant Mable Pang | Special Thanks To Pier59 Studios.


IRIS07_RebelRebel-1Dress by Kelsey Randall | Trousers Alon Livne | Earrings by Alibi | Necklace by BRIWOK Jewelry

IRIS07_RebelRebel-2IRIS07_RebelRebel-3Dress by Roberto Cavalli | Hat by Purple passion DV8 | Earrings by Wendy Faye Jewelry and Molly Cutler Jewelry

IRIS07_RebelRebel-4Suit by DKNY | Beret by Hat House New York | Earrings by Akko Su and Wendy Faye Jewelry

IRIS07_RebelRebel-5Suit by Versace | Boots by Pleaser

IRIS07_RebelRebel-6Top by SONGRYOO | Pants by DKNY | Beret by Hat House New York | Earring s by Mollie Cutler Jewelry

IRIS07_RebelRebel-7Leather Hat by Purple Passion DV8 | Latex Body suit by Atsuko Kudo | Safety pin earrings by Laruicci | Earring by Alibi | Necklace by BRIWOK Jewelry

IRIS07_RebelRebel-8Sweater by DKNY | Jumpsuit by SONGRYOO | Earring by Laruicci

IRIS07_RebelRebel-9Trench by Michael Kors | Hat by Purple Passion DV8 | Boots by Pleaser | Rings by Alibi | Avocet Jewelry and Redwolf PDX | Necklaces by BRIWORK Jewelry | Bracelet by Avocet Jewelry | Earrings by Laruicci

Hair & Makeup by Galvin Mason | Stylist assistant Clinton Rogers

Photography by Ace Amir | Styling by Jahulie Elizalde Model Nykhor Paul @ Muse Management


Dress by The Blonds

Sweater & Skirt by Carven | Leather corset by Zana Bayne

Top by PAMPLEMOUSSE | Jacket & Pants by Wesley Berryman | Hat by Hat House New York

Top by Patricia Padrón | Pants by Wesley Berryman | Hat by Anya Caliendo

Jumpsuit by Marna Ro |  Hat by Anya Caliendo | Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Corset by The Blonds | Coat by HOMIC | Trousers by Ex In nitas | Shoes by Jil Sander

Shirt by HOMIC | Sequin shorts & sleeves by Queenie Cao

Top by PAMPLEMOUSSE | Earrings by Roberto Cavalli

Trench by NAMILIA | Shirt by Jil Sander | Hat by PAMPLEMOUSSE

Hair by Sonny Molina using Davines | Makeup by Nicole Ossandon Using MAC Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever and Chanel | Production by XTheStudio | Stylist assistants Katie Brannock and Brendon Alexander

Photography by Franco Schicke | Styling by Jahulie Elizalde Model Hyun Ji Shin @ IMG Models
Art Direction by Louis Liu | Editor Marc Sifuentes


IRIS07_InTheFlesh-2Bodysuit by Alix, Earrings by Rachel Comey

ON EYES: MARC JACOBS highliner Gel Pencils “IN the BUFF” and “VIOLET femme”
ON SKIN: MARC JACOBS “Dew Drops Coconut Gel” Highlighter and “Airblush Flesh & Fantasy”
ON LIPS: MARC JACOBS Enamored High Shine Lip Lacquer “Skin Deep”

IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Depsea Foundation, Cotton Uzu, and Sheer Lacquer

IRIS07_InTheFlesh-1Swimsuit by ALIX 
Earrings by Luz Ortiz 
ON SKIN: MARC JACOBS “Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter” and “Airblush Flesh & Fantasy” 
ON LIPS: MARC JACOBS Enamored High Shine Lip Lacquer “Skin Deep” 
IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Depsea Foundation, Cotton Uzu, and Sheer Lacquer.

IRIS07_InTheFlesh-3Dress by Bally
Earrings by Aurélie Biderman


IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Depsea Foundation, The Essence Absolue, and Sheer Lacquer

IRIS07_InTheFlesh-4Dress by Prabal Grung Earrings by Luz Ortiz

ON SKIN: MARC JACOBS “Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter” and “Airblush Flesh & Fantasy”
ON LIPS: MARC JACOBS Enamored High Shine Lip Lacquer “Skin Deep”

IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Depsea Foundation, Cotton Uzu, and Sheer Lacquer

IRIS07_InTheFlesh-5Bodysuit by Lisba
Earrings by Leight Miller 
ON LIPS: MARC JACOBS New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel “Strange Magic” 
IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Wonder Worker, Essence Absolue and The Detail Master 
Manicure by Naok Saita @ Art List Using PRITI NYC “222-Coronation” 

IRIS07_InTheFlesh-6Dress by Prabal Grung
Earrings by Luz Ortiz

ON SKIN: MARC JACOBS “Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter” and “Airblush Flesh & Fantasy”
Enamored High Shine Lip Lacquer “Skin Deep”

IN HAIR: SHU UEMURA Depsea Foundation, Cotton Uzu, and Sheer Lacquer

Art Direction by Louis Liu, Casting by DaVian Lain, Set Design by Cecilia Elguero @ Kate Ryan Inc. Digital Tech Heng Qing Zhao, Stylist Assistants Victoria Brekke and Julia Corniere